We are a full service creative digital design agency, which means that we can cater for pretty much all of your design and marketing needs, online or offline. We are committed to achieving your goals and delivering measurable results to any media campaign.


We always recommend what´s best for your business, not ours! This could be a new brand identity to reflect your business´ values, a fresh marketing campaign to boost your brand´s awareness or a fully bespoke ecommerce website to increase revenue from online sales.


We deliver the kind of impeccable quality, full-service solution you want. We know how important marketing is to businesses, and we are as equally as passionate about it as you.

Graphic design


Graphic design is the artistic process of blending, ideas + information + colours, in order to create a design that is used to communicate a message.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Branding
  • Marketing Material: Logo, Letter Head, Business card, Flyers, Presentation Folder, Car Branding, Card Magnet, Banner Design etc

Web & Hosting Services


  • Design and developing of websites
  • Web Applications
  • CMS (Joomla and Wordpress website)
  • Website Hosting
  • Mobile Website
  • Web Apps

  • Web updating

  • Emails support and hosting
  • Domain Registration and
  • Website Hosting

Corporate Products


  • Branded Corporate Gifts

Items: Awards and Executive Gifts, Bags, Coolers and Outdoor, Drinkware and Food, Folders and Tablet Holders, Ipad and Tablets Holders, Keyholders, Lanyards, Memory Sticks, Mobile Technology, Notebooks, On the Road, Packaging and Plaques, Personal Care, Sports and Wellness, Sunglasses and Watches, Winter Warmers, Writing Instruments, Umbrellas, Andy Cartwright


  • Corporate Clothing

Items: Body warmers, Bush Shirts, Conti Suits, Fleece and Sweaters, Golf Shirts, Jackets, Kids Clothing, Lounge Shirts, Pants Skirts and Belts,  Pitt Shirts, Tracksuits, TShirts (T-Shirts), Official SA Rugby Gear


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Contact: Chesly Silaule

Cell: +27 (0) 72 992 8996


Email: chesly@digitalizedart.co.za



Contact: Mkind Dolo

Cell: +27 (0) 83 504 9381


Email: dolo@digitalizedart.co.za

Graphic Design

Web Services

Building Emergency Signs

Large Format Printing

Name Badges

& Corporate Gifts