Importance of Building Emergency Signs


Emergency Signs are used to show direction to people who are not familiar with the building or complex when an emergency action is required. As we all know emergencies occur at any given time, all occupants and visitors must be informed of the most efficient way to exit the building or take an appropriate action. Not everyone is familiar with a building’s layout.


Visitors to the Capitol or employees who are in a different parts of the complex instead of their normal work area will rely on emergency signs to assist them in locating the closest, safest way out of the building in the event of an emergency evacuation.  If smoke affects visibility, exit signs may be critical in finding the way to safety.  To enable the evacuation of occupants and visitors in the most efficient manner, certain rules must be followed when designing and installing emergency signs.

toilet signs

Emergency signs


  • Customized Exit signs
  • Elevator/stairway signs
  • Exit Signs
  • Fire exit signs
  • Evacuation Signs
  • Fire escape signs
  • No exit signs
  • In case of fire signs
  • Photo luminescent exit signs

Parking signs


  • Customer parking signs
  • Commercial Parking Sign
  • Medical Parking Sign
  • No parking sign
  • Reserved parking sign
  • Parking lot sign
  • Reserved parking sign
  • School parking sign
  • Tow-away sign
  • Truck/Bus Parking sign

Safety Label


  • Chemical hazard labels
  • Door labels
  • Customized safety label
  • Electric safety label
  • Fire hazard safety label
  • Floor safety labels
  • Health hazard safety labels
  • Vehicle safety labels
  • Workplace safety labels
  • Personal safety labels
  • Machine safety labels

Fire connection signs


  • Fire door signs
  • Fire extinguisher signs
  • Fire sprinkler signs
  • Flammable hazard sign

Property Signs


  • No trespassing signs
  • Property control signs
  • Toilet signs
  • Building Direction Signs


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